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How to Steer Clear of Airline Excess Baggage Charges


How to Steer Clear of Airline Excess Baggage Charges

With more low-cost airlines operating out of Turkey than ever before and technology enabling us to buy flights anytime anywhere, traveling between countries has never been easier. But if you are planning to travel as inexpensively as possible, prepare to travel light. Excess baggage fees can add quite a bit to the overall price of your ticket and some providers (particularly low-cost airlines) will penalize you if you fail to adhere to their requirements.

For example, some airlines charge additional fees if excess baggage isn’t checked within a couple of hours before boarding. In addition, airlines often charge according to the item you are taking with you, rather than the weight, which might not always seem justified or fair your perspective as a passenger. And further fees can be added to the price if you are traveling in peak season!

But what if you do need to take along a little extra luggage when you travel overseas? Perhaps you’re seeing family and have to return things, you’re going on an extended tour or you’ve even bought something while in another country and need to bring it back home.

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